Defining a Beautiful Smile

A smile is as unique as the person it is attached to. We therefore cannot have rigid qualifications for what makes a smile beautiful. We do, however, have some general guidelines that we follow in our smile analysis.


Oral health is our most important goal. Healthy teeth, gums, and oral tissues must be maintained for quality (and sometimes quantity) of life. Improvement / maintenance of airway helps alleviate apnea, snoring, lethargy, and fatigue. Some studies even show correlations between airway obstruction and attention deficit.


Community support ties into our core values. Our recipients include, and are not limited to:

  • Paradise Valley School District
  • Phoenix Union School District
  • Madison School District
  • St. Francis Xavier Church and School
  • Brophy College Preparatory Academy
  • Loyola Academy
  • Xavier College Preparatory Academy
  • Numerous Events and Pageants

As for the dollar amount of our services and financial donations, we do not keep track of the exact number. If you are interested in numbers, we can say with certainty that the amount consistently exceeds $150,000 per year.

Payment Options

We participate with most insurance plans and we are happy to work with your insurance to make your treatment affordable.

Patient Forms

Please take a moment to fill out the appropriate form prior to your visit. Thanks!