Wearing Braces

Guide to Wearing Braces
Congratulations! You are the proud owner of a new set of fixed orthodontic appliances (commonly known as Braces), so now what? You and your braces will be together for many months and you might be wondering more about them and how to deal with them. Depending on the types of braces you got, the way you eat and care for your braces will vary.

First off, life with braces, it might seem like a burden or a social life killer for teens, but your braces are helping you get the healthy and beautiful smile you want. Learn how to eat with braces, foods you definitely want to avoid, and other things you can expect during your smile beautification journey.

Brushing and flossing is a whole new experience with braces. Get tips on how to brush and what kind of toothbrush you should use. Also learn the secrets behind getting floss past the metal barriers that are your braces.

The most anxiety causing part of braces is the types of appliances you might need. Everyone fears the dreaded headgear, but that and other types of appliances are sometimes crucial when it comes to making your new smile happen. If you have any questions or concerns when it comes to these appliances, let us know and we’ll explain how everything works before and during your treatment

  • Blue Orthodontics in my book are the most amazing, patient, and most friendly staff of people that you will ever encounter and they were so good to my daughter while working with her… If your looking for a place to get braces for anybody in your family and friends circle please see them!!! You won’t be disappointed!!

    - K. C.

  • 2nd kid to go through their system. A+ for service and results!!! And they are active in community with sponsorships to schools. An amazing asset to the northern Phoenix area 🙂

    - B.C.

  • Blue orthodontics is a fun friendly place. Very up beat and modern. They are all smiles and greet everyone that walks through the door.

    - C.M.

  • Dr. Blue, Melissa, and the rest of the team are AMAZING!!! Thank you for all you do for the Madison community!!!

    - B.B.

  • My sons and my daughters absolutely LOVE Blue Orthodontics! They make you feel like family while they are taking great care of you. Everyone there knows what they are doing, educates you as a patient and parent. My daughter wrote them a note, put in the mail and they wrote her back a nice note! It’s those little things that matter and make you feel a part of a family. Thank you Blue!

    - D.W.

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