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Smiles for all ages!

No matter what stage in life you or your family are in, it’s never too late to start working on getting the smile of your dreams. We truly believe in our motto “smiles for all ages” and help patients of all ages get started on their journey to the perfect smile.

You might be wondering how braces and orthodontic treatments vary by age, to make things simple, we have grouped age ranges into three groups. If you want to learn more, click through each group to get more details.

Braces for Children
While there’s no hard and fast rule on when to start orthodontic treatment for your children, we recommended that you schedule your child’s initial visit for an orthodontic evaluation around age 7. Don’t worry if you missed this step since it’s never too late to get started, in fact, most treatments begin between the ages of 10 and 13.

You might be wondering why age 7? Around 7, your children will have a mix of baby and permanent teeth. An evaluation of the combination of baby and permanent teeth will help Dr. Blue gather a wealth of information, specifically focusing on how the face and jaws are growing. Dr. Blue will also be able to identify if any of the permanent teeth may become impacted (that means not able to come out of the gums by them self).

Braces for Teens
For as long as we can remember getting braces as a teen was the most common and most dreaded thing your teen can go through. One of the worst phrases a teen can hear is “you need braces”, immediately teens are seeing flashes from tv shows and movies portraying braces as a “metal mouth” teenager with headgear, rubber bands, and funny speech.

Lucky for your teens, those days are long gone. Today, orthodontic technology has advanced to make braces more comfortable and less noticeable. There are even options of clear, metal or gold braces, and if your teenager is not in love with the idea of braces, then we can always discuss Invisalign (clear aligners that are hardly noticeable).

Braces for Adults
Orthodontic treatment isn’t just for teens anymore! There’s a common misconception that once you’re an adult you can’t get the smile you’ve always wanted. Like teens, no adult wants to go through months of a mouth full of metal, so adults can also choose between traditional metal, gold or ceramic braces. If those options don’t appeal to you then Invisalign (clear aligners) is a great fit! You can still get your dream smile discretely, painlessly, and the best part is that you can eat anything you would like with clear aligners. Brushing and flossing your teeth is a breeze as well because nothing is in your way! It’s a win win!

Want to learn more about your treatment options? Schedule a virtual consultation today and get all your questions answered from the comfort of your home. Want to come visit one of our conveniently located offices to get started on your orthodontic journey? Schedule a complimentary consultation online today!

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